Kannon builds baselines and fills knowledge gaps, utilizing a wide range of research techniques.

Marketing Strategy:

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Many projects begin by building baselines of the market and filling knowledge gaps, utilizing a wide range of research techniques. Information is gathered by tapping publicly available sources, such as government agencies, trade associations, and industry publications. In some cases, when critical information is not available, Kannon conducts the research itself through one-on-one interviews. Kannon also has established strategic alliances with a small handful of experienced research firms.

Kannon has fielded several proprietary attitudinal and behavioral studies, typically using online surveys. Kannon has also conducted significant analyses and integrated other available data and research – from website registration and usage tracking systems, from online audience measurement services such as comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings and from traditional media research sources (e.g., Claritas PRIZM® Consumer Segmentation data, Scarborough media use and product purchasing data, TNS data on advertising spending).

The data is then synthesized into a shared vision of the marketplace. These syntheses often incorporate learnings from past research efforts, interviews with senior management and front-line employees, industry experts, regulators, and government and civic leaders, as well as current customer insights from the clients’ sales and marketing databases.