Kannon helps organizations determine new strategic directions, set priorities,
and identify growth opportunities.

Marketing Strategy:


Kannon is committed to help grow opportunities.  We look for actionable client solutions, whether that means developing new capabilities or revitalizing existing ones. We also help identify the top priority initiatives for investment and those to be reevaluated.
Kannon builds Outside-In frameworks for clients reflecting customers, competitors, channels and technology to create insight for winning strategies. Kannon is committed to working collaboratively with clients to ensure the actionability of recommendations and their ultimate impact in the market.
Clients rely on Kannon when they face market share uncertainty, are considering new investment opportunities, want to redefine core products and channels, seek reinvigorated growth, are developing new products, or foresee pending legislation or technology that will restructure their industry.  Kannon customizes projects according to each client’s unique challenges.
Examples of questions addressed include:

Kannon has a track record of creating productive and effective marketing strategies across a range of industries including healthcare, retail, education, media, telecommunications, and financial services, as well as trade associations and not-for-profit organizations. We have worked at both the corporate and operating-unit level.