About Our Name:

Kannon Consulting

Kannon Consulting was named for the Asian Bodhisattva who exemplifies the compassion of the enlightened mind.  He is also known as Avalokitesvara in India and Buddhist communities, and is the most widely revered bodhisattva in Buddhism. In East Asia, the name evolved to Kuan-Yin or Kannon. For those of us at the firm, Kannon serves as an inspiration to use knowledge and insight to help clients address difficult business challenges.

Avalokitesvara was widely revered in India from the third to the seventh century AD. In the most popular sutras, he appears in many guises to teach and to rescue those who call upon or think of him for help and inspiration during times of need or danger. These early sutras show that he has compassion for all, destroys false views, frees beings from suffering, and brings them to the joy of safety.

More than any other Buddhist figure, Kannon has entered the imagination not only of Buddhists in India, but also in Japan, China and Korea. He is enshrined in almost all Buddhist temples, and in most Taoist temples as well. While envisioned as a male in India, Kannon is thought of as a feminine Bodhisattva in China and Japan.

Pictorially, Kannon has been portrayed in many different ways over the years. In India, he is often depicted in princely ornaments and holding a lotus blossom. Other times he is seen on a roaring lion, or seated serenely with six arms holding a jewel.