Our Point of View:

Championing the Customer's Viewpoint


Kannon differs from other consulting firms in several important ways.
Kannon builds strategies from the Outside-In, starting with an understanding of our clients' customers, channels, and the environment in which they compete. Customer needs and benefits shape potential strategies and the capabilities required to meet those needs. Kannon assesses those needs and creates a strategy that successfully:
Kannon’s proven proprietary frameworks provide a sound structure to build upon. We have developed several proprietary frameworks that bring structure where none exist, using analysis to address assumptions or “mythologies,” and tapping creative data sources and perspectives – laying a solid foundation and basic core upon which the final strategies are built.
Kannon is dedicated to providing the highest level of client service possible. This attitude results in strong working relationships with regular communication and a high level of trust in the Kannon team members working on the project. We do whatever it takes to address our clients' needs, which results in close, collaborative relationships. A clear sign of this commitment is that the firm will work for only one company in any competitive market segment. Period.
Kannon doesn't view its work as “just another project.” We often build long-term relationships with clients and check back to assess the impact of the earlier work. We revisit the client to reevaluate the recommendations and jointly assess the impact of the original work. This 12,000-Mile Check-Up represents a shared responsibility to deliver actionable outcomes, not just a report on the shelf.

Clients have found the work led by Kannon valuable, as demonstrated in the firm's strong track record of repeat assignments – eighty-five percent of Kannon’s revenues in the past fifteen years have been either for a past client, or have come to us via a recommendation of a past client.
Kannon projects are staffed with senior, experienced leaders. Our consultants have designed and executed strategies in the non-consulting world. Focused, thoughtful analyses and discussion are the result. Our work is analytically rigorous, yet tempered by an understanding of how clients will ultimately need to use it. This typically results in greater management consensus, and more specific direction at the end of the project.
Most importantly, Kannon projects result in actionable recommendations. At the end of a project, the client has tangible, actionable tactics and strategies to apply to their organization.