Kannon conducts one-on-one interviews as structured conversations, soliciting rich feedback.

Focus Group Moderation:

One-on-One Interviews

Kannon has built an expertise in conducting one-on-one interviews as structured conversations, thereby soliciting rich feedback and insight. Kannon’s skilled interviewers put participants at ease, allowing them to answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully in their own words.
Kannon’s professionals have conducted more than one thousand interviews with outsiders
important to our clients – customers, intermediaries, even competitors.  Within our clients’ own firms,
we have led important one-on-one interviews with CEOs, board members, senior management, and
front-line employees.
We regularly conduct structured conversations with industry experts, regulators, and government and civic leaders.
Kannon works with the client to determine whether structured interviews will be the sole methodology used in a project, or if they should be used in tandem with other techniques.