Kannon’s qualitative techniques provide insights into customers and competitors.

Focus Group Moderation:


Unlike surveys or polls that produce quantitative, numbers-driven data, focus groups and structured interviews are designed to provide insights into a specific topic and to collect a range of information.

Kannon’s moderation of group discussions and one-on-one interviews enables organizations to gain in-depth insights on a specific product or service, including:
Such insights can help clients design new, or modify existing, concepts, products, services, or communication campaigns that customers are likely to find more meaningful.
Qualitative research can also be an effective tool during the development of strategic plans or positioning strategies.
Kannon works with the client at the beginning of every project to determine how qualitative research may fit into the overall design of the endeavor and how it can be used effectively.  Kannon helps determine which research methodology may be most effective, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, concept development or ideation sessions, and other qualitative techniques.
Kannon has a track record of moderating valuable and effective focus groups and in-depth interviews across a range of industries including healthcare, retail, education, media, telecommunications, and financial services, as well as trade associations and not-for-profit organizations.