Kannon's moderators are trained to elicit the most meaningful and actionable responses.

Focus Group Moderation:

Group Discussions

Kannon’s group discussions are structured around a set of carefully questions and probes.  At the beginning of a project, Kannon’s team meets with the client to answer: 
It is important that all group participants possess the appropriate “knowledge.” Therefore, the Kannon team is diligent about screening and re-screening potential participants. We work closely with focus group recruiters to find individuals who meet all criteria appropriate to the information needs and client specifications.
Once the groups have been assembled, Kannon’s skilled moderators are trained to elicit rich discussions. Kannon’s moderators appropriately manage challenging group dynamics and have developed techniques to keep discussions on the issues to be addressed.
Questions are both open-ended and directed. Kannon moderators follow up on answers and probe more deeply to get the most meaningful and actionable responses from participants.
A thorough analysis of the focus group findings is then prepared. Consistent themes and patterns are identified, and verbatim statements are used to corroborate the interpretative analyses.